A Salad Fresh from Our Garden

Last evening I needed to make a salad for our dinner.  So I promptly went out to the backyard and got some fresh greens right from our garden!  It’s so refreshing being able to eat food you’ve grown yourself.  You know what’s been put on it (or not!), and from where the seeds came.  Do any of you guys have greens in your garden you’re enjoying?  Share some photos with us, we’d love to see them!

Cutting the micro-greens

Beet greens, arugula and micro-greens. A bounty!

The salad, before we added some ‘store-bought’ toppings. 🙂

Beets, Lettuce, Carrots, etc.

The cooler weather has arrived (ha!  Just as I say that, it’s 85 for the high today!), and the garden is growing really well.  It’s amazing watching the plants increase in size, and even more amazing eating a fresh salad made with lettuce from your very own backyard garden!  Lovely.  The lettuces have just taken off, the beets are getting quite large, and the carrot seedlings are starting to get a little bigger.   The cauliflower, kohlrabi, spinach and mustard greens are all doing fairly well, not growing super-fast as the beets and lettuces seem to be doing.

I need to build some kind of cold frames for our plants before the weather starts to freeze at night.  Any suggestions?

Hope your garden is growing super-well and your getting lots of produce from it!  Happy gardening!

Yummmmmmmmm! Lettuce.

Lettuce medley.

Micro greens

Beet patch. 🙂

Spinach (every child’s favorite vegetable, right!)

One of our four little cauliflower seedlings. Isn’t it cute?! 🙂

Carrot seedlings. Grow, carrots, grow!!