DIY Paper Pots

Gardener’s Update: After using this for my squash, I would not recommend using notebook paper.  My squash is basically dying, and I believe it is because the paper kept the roots bound too long (i.e. it didn’t break down fast enough).  This was sort of an experiment, but the instructions can still be used with something like brown paper, or newspaper – something that breaks down easier and quicker.  Hey, you live and learn, right?!


Over here, I promised to show you how to create your own paper pots, in  which you can start your seeds.  I tried using a standard size newspaper sheet, but the pots turned out to be too large; plus I didn’t have enough newspaper lying around (you know, newspapers are out of date!).   So, I grabbed some standard size notebook paper (I think it around 81/2″ by 11″), and they worked beautifully.  The perfect size, and with two sheets, the perfect thickness.  Now, to show you how to do it…


Step 1: Start with two sheets of notebook paper.


Step 2: Fold the two sheet in half, short ways.


Step 3: Fold it in half again, so as to have a book sort of looking piece of paper.


Step 4: Unfold the paper, back to only half folded.


Step 5: Now, take the bottom left corner (when the paper is facing with the fold at the bottom and the opening at the top) and fold it to the middle, making a right triangle fold.


Step 6: This part is kind of hard to explain, let’s see how I do: take the triangle fold you just created and unfold and refold inverted on itself, as shown above.


Step 7: Take paper, and flip it over to the other side, and do step 5 again with the new side.


Step 8: Do step 6 again with new side.


Step 9: Take paper and fold both sides out the opposite way, so as to have the smooth sides on the outside.


Step 10: Now take flap and fold, aligning edge with center fold.


Step 11: Fold flap once more, aligning edge again with center fold.


Step 12: Repeat steps 10 and 11 for all four flaps.


Step 13: Take extra part of paper at the flat end and fold down towards the pointed end.


Step 13: Unfurl the folds and enjoy using your newly created seed starting pot!


Make sure to flatten out the bottom, so as to created a stable bottom.

One other thing that is really cool about these paper pots is the little flaps with which you end up.  Now, they can be kind of annoying at times, and use up more space.  But, they also can quite conveniently be used as tags for what seeds you’re starting.  Just simply write on the little flap the name of the seed your putting in the pot, and you’ve got a built-in tag.  🙂

Please feel free to share this post around with your friends if you found it helpful.  Thank you!


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