Back to Eden Gardening: Bed Preparation

Yesterday morning we prepared parts of  two beds in our back yard.  We used a layer of brown paper (you could use newspaper), then a layer of compost soil (3-4 inches thick), and then finally a layer of mulch (3-4 inches thick).  We haven’t planted anything in it yet, but plan to in the next few days.  There will definitely be more pictures to come!


Back to Eden Film: A Revolutionary Way to Garden!

Image from I do not own this image.

Back To Eden OFFICIAL FILM from ProVisions Productions on Vimeo.

A great film, outlining the revolutionary way of gardening done by Paul Gautschi.  We just found out about this film, and are planning on doing a garden of our own, using this method.  We will update you as we experiment with it, and let you know what happens!