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Garden Snapshots ~

Just received some photos from home, of our wonderful garden.  My favorites are of the produce we’ve gotten from our plants – there’s noting quite like garden fresh produce!  They harvested most of the onions, and boy are they big!  Mom said that a tomato the size of a tennis-ball (approx.) fell off the vine while still green.  They took it inside, and it’s ripened up nicely.  (See the photo below with the peaches in the window sill.)   Our little fig tree – yes, the same one that we transplanted and hoped wouldn’t die – is growing nicely, and even has some little figs on it.   God has indeed blessed our garden greatly, especially with plenty of rain of late!  Rejoicing in the abundance of nature and the God of nature!


Peaches (foreground), and a purple tomato (background).


Our little Brown Turkey fig tree. I’m sure it won’t be little for long!


See the tiny figs?


Onions, onions and more onions!!


This tomato is gigantic!


Even with the tomato cages, the tomato plants are taking over!


Loaded with yellow pear cherry tomatoes.


Our little cantaloupe vines have gotten bigger.


Red bush beans (or maybe purple).


We really need to give some of these guys away. Want some radishes?! 🙂


The beans haven’t done as well as I’d hoped. Only one row came up (out of two), and not even the whole row. Need to do some replanting.


Finally got another layer of potato boxes put on. Hopefully there are lots of potatoes beneath the soil. 🙂


The lettuce is officially dying (if not dead). Texas summer has arrived.


What? A caladium growing in the middle of the herbs? There must’ve been a blub hiding in soil.


The remaining onions.


A lone [almost] ripe raspberry.


Grandma’s peach tree is loaded. And they’re almost ripe!


Several have chosen the ground as a better home.