Fall Garden 2012: Seed Planting

I never posted this video over here after I uploaded it to Facebook.  Sorry guys!


It’s Time to Sow!

The seed packets and planning note book.

It’s that time of year again, when the weather starts to cool off, and the first frost date is approaching rapidly.  It’s time to plant seeds!  This year we wanted to plant lots of greens, and a few root vegetables.  So, after sorting through the packets of heirloom seeds we had, we decided on these:

  • Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce

  • Lettuce Mesculun Q’s Special Medley
  • Onion Chives
  • Mustard
  • Kohlrabi
  • Bull’s Blood Beets

We also would like to plant some parsnips and carrots, but haven’t been able to yet.  We may not even have enough room in our garden plot.  By the way, as most of you know, we are currently residing with our Grandmother, in Dallas.  Back this spring (in April, I believe), we installed a Back to Eden garden, and that is where we’re planting seeds this fall.

Anyway, we got the seeds planted on Tuesday morning, and Wednesday evening.  And, what would you know, it rained Thursday!  Thank the Lord for the free watering of our garden!

These arugula greens are still growing well!

A little lettuce seedling.

The beet, lettuce and spinach beds.

The okra we planted this spring did super well during the heat of the summer, even when we weren’t able to maintain the garden as we would have liked (due to our move).  And, they’re still producing like crazy!  We’re enjoying eating them fresh off the plants.

Okra, okra, okra…

Small, tender purple okra.

We will try to keep the blog updated as the seeds sprout and grow, and well into fall.  Hope you guys had a great summer,and enjoy the cool weather and colorful trees coming soon in Autumn!