A Garden Conversation~


It’s amazing what things can happen when one gardens.  What conversations one can have when out in God’s beautiful creation, gardening!  Yesterday morning, my sister Abby and I were outside in the backyard checking out the garden; watering, weed pulling, etc.  We decided to harvest some of the lettuce that has gone crazy, before it bolts and turns bitter.  Well, our neighbor across the alley was out, and I said to Abby, “Hey, why don’t we go over to our neighbor and offer some of this lettuce to her?”  At that, we hopped the fence, and trekked up the alley, and over to Ms. Gale’s fence.  She was out tending to her own yard, which is full of beautiful flowers.  She gladly accepted some of our homegrown lettuce, and said she’d have a little salad with her lunch.  A conversation then ensued about her granddaughter and grandson-in-law who live just down the alley from her (and across the alley from us).  She said that she had been talking with her grandson-in-law a few days before, and asked him if he had seen “that garden over there” (referring to ours).  He said that “he sure did” see it.  Well, on Sunday we had seen him installing their own backyard garden.  So, maybe we inspired him to garden?  If so, that’s awesome!  We told her that she should send her grandson-in-law over and we’d love to talk with him about gardening.

So, you see, a simply act of sharing some garden produce turned into a wonderful conversation about gardening (oh, and also a bunch of her beautiful peonies), and hopefully, a new relationship with our neighbors.  Maybe something will turn of it – like a co-garden effort – or maybe not, but either way, passing along some of God’s blessings by way of garden produce is just great!  I’d highly recommend that you share any extra produce you may receive from your garden with your neighbors, friends and family.  It’s totally worth it.

Check out the video below if you want to hear the story ‘in person’, and get a short update on our garden.

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Early Spring Busy-ness

Wow!  It’s been a while since I lasted posted on here.  But don’t think that means that we haven’t been doing anything in the garden.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite!  We’ve done several things the past couple weeks: planted potatoes, planted lettuce seeds, planted tomato and pepper plants, planted lettuce plants, potted several different … Continue reading

A Salad Fresh from Our Garden

Last evening I needed to make a salad for our dinner.  So I promptly went out to the backyard and got some fresh greens right from our garden!  It’s so refreshing being able to eat food you’ve grown yourself.  You know what’s been put on it (or not!), and from where the seeds came.  Do any of you guys have greens in your garden you’re enjoying?  Share some photos with us, we’d love to see them!

Cutting the micro-greens

Beet greens, arugula and micro-greens. A bounty!

The salad, before we added some ‘store-bought’ toppings. 🙂