Rhode Island Reds

Okay, so here we go again getting more chicks.  But, we only have ten now, and our limit in the city is twelve.  We now have six different breeds of chickens: New Hampshire Red (we believe) (1), Plymouth Barred Rock (1), Buff Orpington (2), Barred Rock (2), Rhode Island Red (3), and one of a different breed which we don’t know.  We are really enjoying having chicks, and will really enjoy all the eggs they produce in about 10 months!

This one is Nugget! Get the joke?

Bronwyn seems to be the most timid out of the three. She falls asleep at the drop of a hat!

And, last of all, comes Perky. This is Jaden's and he has a story behind the name...

They are just getting used to their surroundings. We took them outside for a short 'photo shoot'. =)


C., P., S.

No, that doesn't stand for Chicken Protective Services!!

And, no, that doesn’t stand for Chicken Protective Services!  That is actually the first initial of our hen’s names: Cheep, Peck and Scratch.  =)  Peck and Scratch lay eggs very similar in color, although Scratch’s eggs are larger.  And Cheep is the one who lays the brown eggs.

One of the little Barred Rocks on top of our newly laid eggs.

It’s fun be a suburban chicken farmer!!  You get eggs, entertainment right in our own backyard and pest/bug control all for free.  They feed off of bugs, grass and a lot off the compost we generate.  So, hey, why not have chickens in the city?  And, if you have enough of them (the limit for our city is 12), you can share  eggs with your neighbors.  They may not be too happy about their neighbor having chickens, but after receiving free eggs they may change their mind!