Grandma’s Garden Update


Up close

Today I decided to take my camera outside and try out my newly discovered close-up lens.  I had fun taking these shots of our garden plants: peppers, tomatoes, chard, rosemary and radishes.

A pepper blossom.

A large banana pepper.

One of our several radishes. It’s getting big!

Our tomato plants are starting to blossom. So far, no tomatoes, but they will come soon enough!

Our baby rosemary plant. It’s real healthy and looks great!

Close up: Red Chard

Life is Busy…

So much has happened to our family in the past week, it’s actually quite amazing.  We’ve had large life decisions that caused us to have to relocate, and therefore leave (disassemble before that) our suburban homestead that we’ve built over the past few years.  Our move doesn’t occur for a while, but we have lots to do before then!  So, here a couple of videos that tell a little bit about what’s been happening lately.  Enjoy!